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Maine Whitetail Deer Hunt

The Silver Ridge, 9 Mile Woods area is legendary for producing big bucks.  Silver Ridge is old farmland that is dotted with countless apple trees.  The woods in our area have miles of logging roads cutting through hardwood ridges, cedar swamps and stands of dark growth. These are the areas where most of the big bucks are harvested.

If you enjoy hunting from a stand you will be shown several areas to place your tree stand or ground blind.  Still hunting on a rainy day will often produce an opportunity for a chance at the BIG BUCK.

Most of the big bucks that have been harvested by our hunters over the years have been taken from a tree stand in a dark-growth area near a body of water.

We also have an archery season in October and a chance to hunt with a muzzleloader the week after Thanksgiving.

We have made up a list of recommended items for you to bring for your hunt.

All Non-Refundable Deposits must be received within 48 hours of booking.

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